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Хамали Атила - хамали и хамалски услуги и преместване на дома и офиса а и hamali. Изгодни цени на хамалски услуги при високо качество.

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Учебни модули за професионално техническо обучение както и за професионално учебно оборудване, а също така относно модернизиране на професионалното образование, чрез тренажори и симулатори за обучение подпомагащи професионална квалификация

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Web content is becoming one of the main distinguishing features in the business place as the competitive advantage is shifting away from low prices to features such as flexibility and customized customer service.

The ability of a company's Web site to attract and provide continuous value to customers and prospects is critical. Furthermore, the competitive nature of the Web environment forces businesses to continually update their processes, rules and products.

Managing content and code for e-Business applications is one of the biggest challenges facing companies that have businesses on the Web or that are deploying intranets and extranets on a large scale.


The main challenges are:


peleti Content developers are not programmers and are not familiar with engineering development tools
пелети Large portal Web sites or very large corporate sites are loaded with hundreds of thousands of pages and software components
еко пелети The popularity of the Web has attracted a broad range of content creators with a mix of skill levels


Success in today's Web-based world relies on using tools and technologies that allow companies to master rapid change. Appointing dedicated webmasters to capture, convert and dispatch relevant information using HTML editors or non integrated applications is not sufficient any more. The design and management of competitive Web, intranet or e-Business sites with significant content size and value requires specific tools and processes.


Based on the extended expertise with ECM systems, NrapoSoft supports the design and implementation of solutions providing the following benefits:


био пелети To support the creation of content files by users
нрапо To create information only once, and to distribute it using various devices (browsers, mail clients, PDA, WebTV, WAP, ...)
nraposoft To ensure that the correct versions of electronic files are online
нрапософт To define and automate the life cycle of key documents, including authoring, review and validation steps
pellets To comply with legal requirements (e.g. historical log, process tracking, etc.)